Friends for Friends, reaching out to people with learning disabilities


Can you spare an hour or two each week to bring happiness to a friend and yourself?

A letter to all our Friends, from John Seymour

Dear Friends,
On behalf of the Trustees I am delighted to inform you that Caritas St Joseph’s, an agency of the Diocese of Westminster, have agreed to take on the work of Friends for Friends. With three of the four Trustees of our charity having a combined average age of 75, and with difficulty in finding replacements, we could not have arrived at a better solution. 

As some of you will know we were originally set up in Harrow in 1986 by Fr. David Wilson and Rosemary McCloskey of St Joseph’s Pastoral Centre at Hendon, as it was then known as, and therefore in effect, it will be a welcome homecoming. The Trustees will be continuing to participate as volunteers particularly with regard to their long term friendships. 

Some of the one to one friendships go back to 1986 and some have happily continued after one of the friends has moved away from Harrow. The One to One Club was started shortly after F4F was established and has continued to be a wonderful venue for friends to meet. The special Masses and the following supper and entertainment have been important activities. More recently, through the efforts of some exceptional volunteers, an Art Club has been started with splendid results and a charity partner has been found who has donated the use of their VIP box at the O2 stadium and the Wembley Arena which has enabled some very special outings. To enable it all to happen there has been the inevitable need to fundraise and the friends and their families have been extremely helpful in this regard.

The Trustees extend their warmest thanks to you all for the wonderful contribution that you have made in your various ways to the welfare and happiness of our friends.

The ongoing contacts with Caritas St. Joseph’s will be Gail Williams the Centre Manager O20-8202-3999 and a new local worker.

We will need your permission to pass on your contact details to Caritas St Joseph and if you are willing for us to do so, I would be grateful if you would indicate this either on the list provided at the 1 to 1 club, or by email to me at

With renewed thanks and every best wish for the future,
Yours sincerely

John Seymour